And that's a good thing.
The audio preservationist we all know as "Cleantone" has made available a very special Slip show -- New Year's Eve 2004 at the Narrows Center in Fall River‚ Mass.
In the interest of finding a "lost New Year‚" The Slip took us through their career‚ starting with the old and ending with the new. They climaxed with "If One of Us Should Fall‚" the point where the intensity and beauty of it all led me to tears. And not wet-in-the-corners-of-my-eyes tears. Full-on sobbing. Ahem.
The music‚ the people surrounding me‚ the specialness - it was all incredible. It's a point in my life that I look forward to seeing again as it rushes past me when that time comes. Am I being overdramatic? Yes. But‚ fuck‚ it was a moment. And they felt it too; they chose to not do an encore‚ saying that there was "nowhere to go from there" and that they wanted to leave it at that. Indeed.
This all can be yours: BitTorrent‚ baby.
Many thanks to The Slip for creating these sounds, and many thanks to Cleantone for capturing them.